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  April 5, 2016      
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Share Your Story. Inspire Hope. It Matters.

What to Consider When Sharing Your Story
By sharing your story, you can inspire hope in the lives of those still struggling with drugs, alcohol or gambling, as well as encourage others to join in the celebration of Recovery. The process of sharing your story may be easier for some than others. If you need support, talk with someone who can help, such as a sponsor, counselor, family member or friend. The questions provided below are suggested only as a guide to assist you in the storytelling process and are not required to share your story.

  • What was the turning point at which you chose to begin your pathway to recovery?
  • How did you overcome the challenges you faced?
  • What do you want to share with others about recovery?
  • Describe your life now compared to your life before recovery.
  • What do you want to accomplish in your recovery?

Story Submission
Story submissions do not require any identification and can even be nameless if you choose. Your email information is kept private and will not be shared. Minimal personal information is requested to enable you to save a version of your story to edit again at a later time; to receive confirmation when your story is posted; or if you choose to be added to the recovery mailing list. Other information is requested so that readers can search for stories.

Thank you for choosing to share your story of Recovery. Remember, you have the power to inspire hope, improve lives and further strengthen the Recovery Movement in New York state. I am. We are. Recovery.

Stories of Recovery
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What to Consider When Sharing Your Story


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