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  July 18, 2010      
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OASAS Stories of Recovery
Donna of California
Posted: July 13, 2010       Individual
Time in recovery: 6 years, 7 months       Age: 41       Gender: Female

I was born with alcohol in my system--given liquor in my bottle. At 15, I started drinking a lot, resulting in sleeping with who ever was there. I was married and had two kids with a man. As a result of drinking and drugging, I had another seven kids. I lost every one of them to my addiction. I would steal, lie, sleep on the streets, had no family no friends, and so on. I went through beatings, was almost killed twice, and raped. I had no respect, and was given none. I went to jail a few times, didn't care what my kids or anyone else thought.

I had nowhere to go, no one to love me, and my kids were gone. I was homeless, dirty, broke, and hungry, but I knew there was a better way of living. I had been through treatment centers, jail, outpatient, AA, and NA. Due to my 25 years of drinking and drugging contracted Hepatitis C.

I got on a Greyhound bus one day, and for 17 days, lived on that bus begging for money and food. I knew Jesus Christ, but turned away. I prayed so much from the depths of my soul for God to help me. I wanted to be off drugs/alcohol and to learn to live a normal life. I wanted to know my kids and have forgiveness from them.

The Lord answered my prayers and today I have a great Christian husband, forgiveness, respect, and love. I now have a comfortable life and home; I love my church family; and life is a blessing. I have always wanted to help those that are where I once was. It is very hard to have an addiction and most do not understand.

I know that anyone who is tired, wants better and is willing to seek help, can find recovery. YOU have to want it and do it for someone else. The people you once knew in your addiction can no longer be a part of your recovery—sometimes that means changing friends, family, even where you live. There is a life waiting for you. Death was once close, and family/friends were far, but for the grace of God I am and have been clean and sober for more than 7 years. I still have urges, but I pray and choose life. I understand today I can not have just one drink/or hit. I thank the Lord everyday for saving my life.

Addiction is a very dangerous life to live and people need guidance, to work the program, go to meetings, and be around other clean and sober people. and who or whatever you believe to be your higher power, Pray, trust and believe. You will make it no matter how hard it gets, don't give up. You can and will have a life you can be proud of and be very happy.


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