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  July 18, 2010      
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OASAS Stories of Recovery
Ronald of New York
Posted: July 13, 2010       Individual
Years in recovery: 1       Age: 41       Gender: Male

My name Ronald, and I am a blessed recovering addict. I am here from Hattiesburg. My path to recovery started when my family showed a lot of tough love when I came here. I stayed with my family for one night, and the next day they put me in the city mission. At that point I was stuck. One day I decided to go with a couple guys from the mission to drink in a local park. Some ladies called the police, and the police asked me for my ID. I told them I was staying at the mission, and they let them know I had been drinking. That night I also smoked weed. The mission asked me to leave, and my family would not let me stay with them. I tried another mission, but they had no room. I was sick, and I prayed to my Higher Power and he blessed me. Schenectady County put me up in a room for the weekend. The next day my family told me I needed to go to treatment, but I thought they were kidding. Then I thought about it, and the stuff I did to to myself and my body because of my addiction. I had no one--had lost my wife and my 15 month old son in 1997 to a boating accident and my mother in 2001. I was still trying to deal with that. I chose to check into treatment for 28 days. At that point, I still had a closed mind. I wanted to go back home to be with my kids--I have 3 kids that I loved so much that I couldn't be with. After that 28 days, I decided to listen to my counselor and go on to another program. I didn't want to go, but i went, and that was the best choice I could have made. They showed me stuff I didnt know about myself. My counselor gave me the tools I needed to figure things out for myself and the program embraced me like a family--they are my family. Without treatment, "the rooms" and my Higher Power, I wouldn't have one year clean today. I can honestly say my life is good now. I know I have a lot of hard work ahead, but I am going to do it!


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