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  July 18, 2010      
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OASAS Stories of Recovery
February 2009 Posts
Herbol of Maryland
Posted: February 27, 2009       Individual

I am and will always be a Recovering Addict! I battled the demons of addiction for close to 30 years. As of this day, I am clean and sober for 6+ years. I write this story with the hope that I can be of some assistance in helping others avoid leading a life of addiction as I had done. Drug addiction used to be looked at as a moral failing of those who were afflicted. Today it is recognized for what it is, a truly legitimate illness. And as such, there are people who are willing to help and c...   read more »

Maria of New York
Posted: February 24, 2009       Individual

My name is Maria and I have been in recovery for over five years and it's the best feeling in the world. I am in a methadone program, but I still consider myself to be clean and sober. Methadone is not a substitute, but a medicine that will help your addiction, which is a disease. Ever since I joined the program, I have been able to get my life back. I am now a better mother to all my four wonderful children as well as to my sister's two wonderful kids (since she is deceased). Being in r...   read more »

John of New York
Posted: February 24, 2009       Individual

I had 23 years of abstinence from all drugs and was an active member in AA going to meetings regularly. I was going through divorce and emotionally it had taken a toll. I was an old timer in the rooms and was emotionally, financially and spiritually bankrupt. I was unable to get out of my own way. While I was in californa with my employer, who was hosting a substance abuse conference, I drank. I continued to drink for the next seven months. I reached out to people and was placed into treatm...   read more »

EILEEN of New York
Posted: February 21, 2009       Individual

I began using heroin at the 27 years old. I lost my job, my son, my family and myself. I was in and out of jail in abusive relationships and overdosed twice. Until one day, I was offered an opportunity to get my life back. I went to DAYTOP. Today, I am grateful to have been given that opportunity. I am a DAYTOP graduate and staff member for the past three years. I have obtained my CASAC-T. I’m grateful to DAYTOP and all of the staff members that have helped me to see who I was and who I was ...   read more »

Anonymous of New York
Posted: February 21, 2009       Individual

Born and raised in a typical alcoholic family, in retrospect, in Yokohama, Japan, I grew up surrounded by alcohol: New Year’s celebration began with giving ancestors sacred sake, after school treat in a cold winter day was sweet sake, leftover from cooking in home economic class had to be consumed, a gathering under cherry blossom must accompany alcohol…till the end of year parties and New Year’s Eve. As a young woman who could drink as much as men around, I was “different.” I did not want ...   read more »

Stella Alecia of New York
Posted: February 21, 2009       Individual

But for the grace of God, I have been delivered from the grips of my addiction. I used my first drug at the age of 12, and that was cigarettes which I am still struggling with today. I grew up in the Farragut Projects in Brooklyn, New York with three brothers, no sisters, a mom and a dad. I watched my mom drink. She didn't drink everyday, but when she did she would fight with my father, and eventually he moved out. At the age of 13, I began to act-out by skipping school, drinking wine with t...   read more »

richard of New York
Posted: February 11, 2009       Individual

Hello my name is Richard. I started drinking when I was 14 years old and I never thought it could do this much damage to a person. I tried to get help, but I couldn't do it the first time. I had to have a beer from the time I went to bed to the time I went to sleep and even at work. I used to fight with my parents to buy beer for me. When my wife left me and took the kids, it took a big piece of my heart from me. When I was facing jail time, my lawyer was fighting to keep me out. They tol...   read more »

Tracy of New York
Posted: February 9, 2009       Individual

I Finally Got My Life Back By Tracy I am 36 years old and I am a thankful recovering drug addict. I started using cocaine at the age of 19. I have been in and out of recovery and could never seem to get it. I have been in jail many times for my drug use and I worked the streets to get what I needed. I lost every thing, my family and friends. Child Protective Services took my children. I was homeless and slept in boarded up houses. I was dirty and went weeks without bathing or ch...   read more »

Kerry of New York
Posted: February 6, 2009       Individual

I was raised in the projects in Harlem. My father was an alcoholic and marijuana smoker. He died as a direct result of his addictions. I had my first drink at the age of 10, and started smoking cigarettes at about the same time. I faced a lot of peer presssure, because where I grew up, if you didn't act like you were down, you were considered a punk and treated with disrespect and looked down on. I had a very low self-esteem. I had buck-teeth and big ears and didn't want to be me. I would f...   read more »

raymond of New York
Posted: February 4, 2009       Individual

My name is Raymond and I was an addict the very first time that I used drugs at the age of 13. I was with some people and I was drinking alcohol which we had somehow obtained when one of the older guys began relating about his brother's use of heroin which intrigued us. Being intoxicated an clearly not thinking rationally, we decided to get some, we did, and my course was set. I spent 27 years as an active heroin addict. I ruined relationships, hurt people I loved and put myself in positions...   read more »

Louise of New York
Posted: February 3, 2009       Individual

In 1976, I found myself in Jacobi Hospital, after a near death overdose of herion and methadone. My parents took charge of my four-year-old and took me to Daytop Village, Inc. Bronx Outreach. The staff at Daytop sent me to a detox program. Afterward I entered long-term residential treament facility. It was tough, but I had been manipulating others for years and needed to straighten up. The staff nurtured me, put in me situations where I had to handle responsibility. Eventaully, I realize...   read more »

Debra of New York
Posted: February 3, 2009       Individual

The partnership between Daytop and me changed my life. There were multiple reasons or rationales to use drugs, but very few reasons or rationales not to use. I spent my adolescents angry and confused. I felt things I did not know how to deal with. I am sure others felt similar things, but for some reason unbeknownst to me, I could not deal with what I was feeling. No one has a perfect life. So why can some people acknowledge that imperfection, those painful feelings, and move on? Why did I g...   read more »

philip of New York
Posted: February 3, 2009       Individual

I'm recovering from heroin since 1987. I was in Daytop Village Parksville. If it wasn't for Daytop, I don't know where I would be today. I am also a graduate of Daytop.   read more »

Kim of New York
Posted: February 3, 2009       Individual

In 1989, I entered Daytop Village two weeks after that my husband entered. We have been clean for 20 years and married for 24 yrs. Daytop has helped many of our family members save their lives. Five family members entered Daytop over the last 22 years and we have all been clean from the moment we entered. There are no words great enough to express our gratitude to the staff, the agency and most of all for what Daytop stands for. Most people would not understand when I say, that I truly h...   read more »


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