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October 2009 Posts
Donna of Georgia
Posted: October 29, 2009       Individual

Clean and sober, pinnacle words for an addict. I, an addict said no to cocaine eighteen years ago, alcohol and cigarettes were removed three years ago. I received a new life through my faith in Jesus. Intoxication, it’s a dark world; you learn to survive in a vicious cycle. You bargain with you time and time again; always making the same promise to yourself, this is it! Yet, somehow you find yourself in a state of mind that battles the good with the evil; your heart wishes for you to quit an...   read more »

richard of New York
Posted: October 29, 2009       Individual

Hello my name is Richard. I want to tell you that drink is not a very good idea because I almost lost my family and friends. When I went to rehab for my drinking problems, I came home and I realized that I know who my friends are. I also know that when I don't drink, I feel great. If I see someone with a beer it doesn't bother me at all. I just don't know how people can drink and not know that it will either kill you or do something bad to your body.   read more »

Regina of New York
Posted: October 29, 2009       Individual

Hi, my name is Regina. I have been in recovery for 8 months now. The longest period of clean time I have had in approximately 10 years. My turning point was: I realized that I had no where to go! I was miserable. I was homeless. I was all the things that there was when one hits rock bottom and I mean I literally hit rock bottom with no way out! The only way out for me was to get up and go in the other direction. The right direction! My life is so blessed now. I am happy now. I am much wis...   read more »

Carmen of New York
Posted: October 29, 2009       Individual

Where do I begin? I guess at the begining, I used drugs from the age of fourteen. It started as a I want to fit in kind of thing, and as it progressed to I became a full blown addict. Somehow in the middle of my using, I managed to have four children. Homelessness was a very big part of my addiction. I've lived in every shelter in new york city. I didn't know how to stop. I always pictured my life would involve drugs in one form or another. I used what ever was availible, as long as I didn't...   read more »

richard of New York
Posted: October 29, 2009       Individual

Hello my name is Richard. I just wanted to tell people that changing their life is a big step in a person's life. It's very hard to admit when they have a problem with either alcohol or drugs. As a user, I know it took me a good many years to realize that I had a problem with my drinking. When I first went to get help, I was scared. I didn't know if I did any damange to my body or what I did. But, once I saw the videos on what drugs and drinking can do, I cried. I didn't know that it could d...   read more »

amy of Pennsylvania
Posted: October 25, 2009       Individual

It dawned on me when i got clean from crack cocaine that I had been an addict my whole life. To sex, drugs, food, you name it I did it! The thing is, I hated to get high, hated to have sex, hated food. I hated all these things that I thought gave me pleasure. The turning point in my life was when CYF came and removed my son from my home and after they left I got high for two days with the "love of my life" I thought! I stopped in the middle of the second day - no more. I got clean, left him ...   read more »

Renee of New York
Posted: October 25, 2009       Friend/Family

I am 38 years old and a daughter of a recoving addict. My mother has seven sisters and had two brothers - all addicts. I grew up in crack houses, shelters and "holes in the walls". I was the textbook oldest child. I took care of my mom, her siblings and their children. My little cousins are my brothers and sisters. We swore we would break the cycle! That began when one of my aunts went into an inpatient program. Due to the fact that I was the only one willing and able to, I visted her on family ...   read more »

Holly of New York
Posted: October 25, 2009       Individual

I have been clean for 8 months now. I lost my kids, my family my job, but most of all I lost me. When they said they was going to take my kids, I said I can't do this anymore. I went to a 28-day rehab, then to a halfway house. I started going to Narcotic Anonymous. I was doing good thought - I had this. I thought I wouldn't ever use again. But I was wrong. I used again for about one year. And said I don't want to this anymore. I don't want to live like this and I got into a program again,w orkin...   read more »

johanna of Florida
Posted: October 21, 2009       Individual

I had bulimia and anorexia really bad since I was 15 year old. I was told that I would not be able to have kids. I abused laxatives and binged and purged and almost died several times. My lowest weight was at 19 years old and was 62 pounds at 5ft. 2". I was suicidal as well and tried to kill myself a few times. I have not binged and purged since 2002. I met my now husband in December of 2000. It was a complete miracle and totally God that helped me. We have 3 beautiful children. My son has au...   read more »

Josh of New York
Posted: October 16, 2009       Individual

When I found out that I could change; believed that I could change; and that I actually had good qualities; this was the turning point for me. I overcame the challenges that I faced by staying in a positive frame of mind and remembering that this is the only moment that matters. I learned this while at CARS. I have hope for my future. I believe that I can become something and I have faith that through hard work, it can be obtained. My life now compared to what it was, is like black and...   read more »

Eric of New York
Posted: October 16, 2009       Individual

I would say that my turning point while here at CARS happened when I walked into the Great room as I was greeted with warmth and compassion as I was introduced into the community. I didn’t feel alone anymore and I felt welcomed for the first time in my life. I overcame the challenges through trial and error. When I was faced with my character defects, I learned to step outside myself and think before I reacted. I think that recovery for me is a lot about paying it forward. That it is importan...   read more »

of New York
Posted: October 16, 2009       Friend/Family

I got "scared sober" when I was ten years old. My cousin Steve, was in a rehab program when he was seventeen years old. I remember feeling very afraid as I walked with my father up the stairs to the rehab program. I was afraid that we would be met at the door and told, by my uncle, that Steve had died due to his drug use (marijuana at that time). We used to play hockey and football together. He was the ‘big brother I never had." During the visit, I saw next to Steve, crying, and unable to ...   read more »

Rehan of Georgia
Posted: October 16, 2009       Individual

I started at a junior collage in Rome, GA and took almost a year worth of remedial classes in English, mathematics and reading. I finished seven years later with a Doctorate in my profession. But, things were out of control midway through my professional life. Five years of my life are a blur. At the peak of my abusive career, I was ingesting 10 to 15 80mg oxycontin daily. My world came crashing down one night on my way home from work when I ran my car in to a tree. Miraculously, no one was ...   read more »

Orlando of New York
Posted: October 9, 2009       Individual

I was born in Brooklyn at Kings County hospital in 1961. I have five sisters and three brothers and my youngest brother is currently serving 8 years in prison. MY FATHER WAS AN ALCOHOLIC AND A VERY ABUSIVE MAN. I was 8 years old when I had my first drink. My uncles gave me five shots of bacardi and said now your a man. So from then on it was ok to drink socially. I got involved with drug and gang activities at a very young age. Violence and drug selling was a way of life and this behavior was...   read more »

David of New York
Posted: October 9, 2009       Individual

My drug of choice was crack-cocaine, which I combined with booze. The drinking started when I was 14 and then in my early 30s I started smoking crack. As my drug use escalated, it became intertwined with my sex life, to the point where I was using drugs and having sex while on the job at work. My older sister and an uncle grew concerned and finally convinced me that I needed help. I sought treatment at Pride where I gained my first clean time. I was off drugs, but still needed help learning ...   read more »

stephanie of New York
Posted: October 9, 2009       Individual

My name is Steph andI was born an addict. I grew up feeling angry, upset, unloved and somehow needing revenge. My family was dysfunctional and I didn’t have a true "friend". My life was filled with an empty hole that I continually tried to fill with drugs, alcohol, fighting and anything else that the world would say was wrong. But the empty hole only seemed to grow deeper the more I tried to fill it. I had a pain in me that not even a lethal amount of drugs or alcohol could kill. I had lost ...   read more »

Allison of New York
Posted: October 9, 2009       Individual

I am recovery. I’ve been sober for a year on October, 21,2009. I will also be 17 in October. Recovery is real and it is great. Hi, my name is Allison. Recovery has opened my eyes and my heart to so many great pleasures in life. I made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of a higher power whom I choose to call God. I love my new life and even though it is not easy, I have the support of my friends, family, and meetings. Every day we wake up is a new beginning. Today I ...   read more »

Heidi of New York
Posted: October 9, 2009       Individual

Growing up I always felt unsure of myself, confused and alone. I didn’t like myself and I didn’t understand why. As an adult I tried to convince people that I was confident, carefree and independent, but in my mind I couldn’t cope with the world, and I had no business being in it. My descent into addiction came hard and fast. What began as fun-loving weekends drinking with the girls, turned into a daily demand for alcohol in order to get by. Everything revolved around my being able to drink ...   read more »

Margaret of New York
Posted: October 1, 2009       Individual

I've decided to just write a few words or maybe a bit more about why I'm here and where I hope to be. I came seeking help because my binges had gotten out of control. I was staying away from home longer and using more, which has lead to much more depression and worry from my family. At times, I felt lost and I didn't know which way to turn to find myself, all directions seemed like either the wrong way or a dead end. I was lost without a map, and frightened. A voice inside keeps telling me...   read more »

Gary of New York
Posted: October 1, 2009       Individual

I am definitely an addict of the hopeless variety and I was definitely hopeless for many years. Active addiction caused me to lose my job, apartment, boyfriend and family. Thanks to a few angels in blue AKA policemen, my life is better now than it's ever been and I am a grateful recovering addict. I was arrested for posession of drugs and when I went to court I was offered a choice between rehab and jail. I chose rehab and spent 3 months upstate at an inpatient treatment facility. When I g...   read more »

P. of New York
Posted: October 1, 2009       Friend/Family

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for everything that the staff at the treatment facility did to help me prepare for this life long battle. As you know addiction is still alive and doing very well. I witness how cunning, powerful and baffling this disease is on a daily basis. My hard word the program has really been paying it's dividends in full since I have been home. I am happy to report I am doing very well, and have put in place a whole new support group or as I like...   read more »


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