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  July 18, 2010      
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OASAS Stories of Recovery
June 2009 Posts
Tammye of New York
Posted: June 25, 2009       Individual

I grew up with a mentally ill mother and an abusive (black-out)alcoholic father. I have been in various foster homes. I also became a victim of domestic violence. I had three children by the age of 22 when I became addicted to crack/cocaine. I lost a lot. I have had many struggles, as a result of running across the country to save my life from an abusive boyfriend. I came back after about a month and lost my children (who was under the care of family membeers) due to my oldest daughter being...   read more »

Joe of New York
Posted: June 23, 2009       Individual

I found Alcoholics anonymous on 12/27/57. My sober date is 5/24/58. I learned to take it one day at a time. Since about the age of 12 or so, I could not get through a day without drinking alcohol, until I walked through the Alcoholics Anonymous doors. At the age of 21, I was the youngest member of Alcoholics Anonymous. It was not easy being young in those days. I had a lot of doubt. But, I stayed because I had no choice. I have lost many things throughout the years, but most importantly,...   read more »

Thomas of New York
Posted: June 18, 2009       Individual

My name is Thomas and I am a recovering alcoholic and addict. My sobriety date is 8/23/90 and I am presently a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor working in the addictions field. I grew up in East New York, Brooklyn and started drinking and smoking marijuana at the age of 13. I progressed through pills, acid, and cocaine until I discovered heroin at 18. I had always felt an emptiness inside of me and drinking and drugs seemed to make things better, or at least I thought ...   read more »

Joan of New York
Posted: June 18, 2009       Individual

Over 15 years ago, I found myself living without hope. I had no sense of direction, no sense of purpose. I was homeless and felt as though I was in an endless whirlpool with no way to escape. I was selling drugs, my body and soul, and taking advantage of others - all to support my drug habit. I hated myself and the life I was living. I had lost everything and everyone. Nothing mattered except the next drink and drug. At times, I wished I were dead so before the child welfare could take my daug...   read more »

Pat of New York
Posted: June 18, 2009       Individual

I am an alcoholic. I was a middle aged closet drinker for 40 years. After my best friend and confidant, my mother died, I was on a suicidal mission drinking, smoking and purging to drink more. My children snapped me out of it, "Don’t you care about us? We lost our friend and grandma and now we’re to lose you?" I went to a rehab where I felt like a pariah since I only drank. Though I did 90/90, Alcoholics Anonymous was not for me due to social anxiety and insecurity. My 1:1 and group m...   read more »

Carrie of New York
Posted: June 9, 2009       Individual

I came into Recovery after a 20 year history of drug use. I wanted to stop using drugs, but did not know how to stop. After being arrested 89 times and doing four state bids, a divine intervention happened to me. Instead of being sent back to prison, I was offered a drug treatment program in which I accepted - that was the beginning of my life. I was sent to the Ellenville facility, where I started addressing the pain I carried of being physically and sexually abused by my step-father and a ...   read more »

Carlos of New York
Posted: June 9, 2009       Individual

I was a hopeless drunk and drug user until the pain of using outweighed the pain of not using. I cried out to God and he lead me to Narcotics Anonymous and Alcohol Anonymous. It was there that I found the hope necessary to replace the feeling hopelessness and uselessness that I had felt for so long. I used to live and lived to use. I am here to share with you that if you want to stop using, then you can. All you have to do is surrender and stop trying to do it alone and get help. If you don'...   read more »

RJR of New York
Posted: June 5, 2009       Individual

Born and raised in NYC, I started using drugs at the age of 7 years old. I also drank alcohol and gradually progressed to Cannabis eventually started experimenting with LSD and all kind of barbituates. At the age of 21 years old, I started experimenting with cocaine. At the age 26, I started the worst addiction of my life and that was Heroin "The Gorilla" and Methadone 80mgs, which I continued to use for 14 years. One day, in 2001, I had a dream that someone close me was going to die, so I a...   read more »

Vernice of Pennsylvania
Posted: June 4, 2009       Individual

I am a 53 year old female with one adult child. I entered the Phoenix House in 1988. I had gotten thrown out of housing and I was a battered woman by my daughter’s father of 15 years who had a crack, marijuana and alcohol problem. Life was devastating, so I tried suicide at one time (by overdosing of pills). I had nowhere to turn and couldn’t even kill myself right. I told a friend that I needed help. She came and took me to the admissions office. I let my boyfriend's mother (daughter’s gran...   read more »

Michelle of New York
Posted: June 4, 2009       Individual

Growing up in the South Bronx seemed to have dictated the outcome of my life. I was surrounded with poverty, alcoholics, drug addicts and prostitutes. My Father was addicted to heroin, methadone and died an alcoholic. I continued to lose people in my family to the disease of addiction and ended up being just like them. Heroin became my best friend. I lived to use and used to live. Because of my inability to maintain abstinence, I lost 6 of my children and began the cycle of incarceration. Th...   read more »

Zoe of New York
Posted: June 4, 2009       Individual

My pathway into recovery began as a result of a 29 year history of cocaine addiction; namely crack. It was an arrest and a prison sentence that rescued me from the grips of active addiction. While in prison, I attended the CASAT program, where I was blessed with a counselor who explained how I could "flip the script". We addressed my past, which contributed to my addiction and explored options that would allow me to have a future and a life without the use of a drug or a drink. My turnin...   read more »

Sarah of New York
Posted: June 4, 2009       Individual

My mother is an alchoholic and addict, and my father was too before he was stabbed to death. I started smoking cigarettes at 13 and then marijuana shortly thereafter. I was 14 when I took my first drink and experimented with all other drugs (except heroin) by the time I was 16. Coke and alchohol were my drugs of choice. I could go on with my life story and all the bad things that happened to me, but there simply isn't enough time or space. It all came to a head December 24, 2007. I had been ...   read more »

Anthony of New York
Posted: June 2, 2009       Individual

My drug use began rather innocently with marijuana at the age of 12. About the same time, I became actively involved with sports - basketball, in particular. Because my passion for sports was so overwhelming I ceased my use of marijuana and maximized my abilty in sports. After a solid High School basketball career, I then played college basketball for four years in Pennsylvania. Shortly thereafter, I began working as a High school Guidance counselor and basketball coach in NJ. About five yea...   read more »

Michael of California
Posted: June 2, 2009       Individual

Oh yeah... 28 years... I tried and abused almost every drug out there at the time, except heroin. There was lots of misery for me and others around me - hurting the ones I loved and those who loved me. But, I am not going to waste time bragging about how "down" I was; rather I want to say how happy and content I am now. I found recovery because I finally began to get rid of the denial and do something about it. Six months in a residential faith-based treament center and I am free. It has be...   read more »

Tom of New York
Posted: June 2, 2009       Individual

Have you ever heard the saying, "I feel like a million bucks"? That's the best way I can describe my sobriety. Throughout my twenties, I was an alcoholic - having problems with the law as well as my personal life. I was close to going to jail, killing someone or myself. After many attempts to stop drinking, the one that worked, was when I told people that I was going to stop, but I had all intentions of only doing it for about a week. What I realized, was that one day at a time does really w...   read more »

Jodi of California
Posted: June 2, 2009       Individual

I remember the day well. I was in a California Prison on B Yard at CCFW in the Phoenix House New Choice Program; in a meeting with the representative from SASCA. I knew that I had to make a choice. Will I go to treatment or not? The choice is an easy one. I have no where else to go. My family was finished with me. I had lost their trust. But at the same time, I knew I was ready to make changes in my life. The SASCA representative shared her story with us and I was given a ray of hope. She sh...   read more »


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