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  April 5, 2016      
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2010-2011 Spotlight Stories

In 2010-11, several individuals were chosen as spokespeople for recovery and for the Your Story Matters campaign. These campaign "spotlights" as they are called, are an integral part of the Your Story Matters campaign, offering a face and a voice to a unified, consumer-driven Recovery Movement in New York. Addiction doesn't discriminate, but neither does recovery. And the faces of the Your Story Matters campaign spotlights are proof that recovery is real. Select an image below to read the spotlight story.

Will Cleeton-Gambino "My story begins here ... November 24, 2009"
Rachel Leitem "My story begins here ... September 18, 2007"
Izetta Briggs-Bolling "My story begins here ... January 20, 1993"
Lesa Densmore "My story begins here ... March 2, 2009"
David Scales "My story begins here ... August 18, 2007"
David McDaniels "My story begins here ... November 4 1996"
Senator Tom Duane "My story begins here ... October 23, 1983"
Nicolette Cuevas "My story begins here ... June 28, 2009"
Deborah Arch-Bennett "My story begins here ... December 5, 2004"
Gregory Pereira "My story begins here ... May 23, 1995 "
Andre Malik Rivera "My story begins here ... February 14, 2006"


View Campaign Spotlights for prior years and read their stories of hope and dedication.



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