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  September 4, 2011      
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Izetta Briggs-Bolling

My story begins here ... January 20, 1993

In 1993, I was incarcerated in the N.Y. state prison system. I remember crying that I didn't want to be in prison. I began to pray to God that if I had to be there to please allow me to change my life. I was offered an opportunity to participate in the CASAT program. This program allowed me to recognize that I could choose to make changes in my life while in prison. I learned that I was a good, smart and strong person. While incarcerated, I began to attend treatment and college.

Once I returned to the community, I agreed to attend a halfway house program, while attending college and working in McDonald's. I learned that I could live without using drugs in the community. Day by day, I continued to go to school and became a counselor in a hospital working with individuals with substance abuse issues while on parole.

During my addiction, my life was consumed by drugs and I lost my first child due to my addiction. I fought to get him back, but was unsuccessful with the court system. My family had given up on me. Now my family trusts and respects me as a woman who made it against the odds. I found my son on the internet (My Space) and we have a very strong bond. God also blessed me with another son and a beautiful husband who have never experienced my active addiction. I have three master's degrees, LMHC, CASAC-G and professionally I have worked my way from counselor to CEO. I have accomplished more than I ever anticipated I could. Recovery works and families recover.

My name is Izetta. This is my story. What's Your Story?



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