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  December 13, 2015      
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Linda Mallory-Mitchell

"My Story is about Family."

I am the sister of an individual in recovery, and my recovery experience was born while working with a recovery choir, singing songs of joy and happiness. The choir helped me to understand the pain and frustration of addiction, the hope in those new to recovery of being part of a welcoming society, and the beauty that is recovery.

Recovery taught me (and it can teach you) to look at yourself and not judge people, but to have an open heart and an open understanding. During those years with the recovery choir, I saw people transform their lives into proud citizens, heads of business, and owners of opportunity. It reminded me over and over that God is full of grace and answers prayer.

What made that recovery choir the most fulfilling, was having the support and involvement of my sister - having her part of a family again. I have seen her in good times and bad, and today she has 17 years in recovery. She enjoys her church work and has been reunited with her daughter and grandchildren. She is once again the beautiful soul we always knew.

My mother died when I was 5 years old, and our dad was not only our only parent but our manager and cook - certainly deserving of father of the year. Despite his diligence, my sister lost her way to the street 20 years ago. But by the grace of God, she grew sick and tired of the dark games of the street. At his funeral, she made a promise to our father that she would seek recovery - she kept that promise and today we are each other’s biggest supporters and best friends. I am proud of both of my sisters who have overcome such hardship and have made great changes in their lives.

To those family members who struggle to support a loved one in the grips of addiction: pray, be patient and learn about the disease. To those family members who have someone they love in recovery: again pray, be patient and learn about the disease, but add the joy of song and rejoice in the reality of recovery!

My name is Linda, and my story is about family. What's Your Story?


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