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  October 25, 2009            
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Maureen Wheeler

I am hope.

My life before I was in drug court was not a good one. As a matter of fact, it wasn't a life at all. I lied, cheated and stole to get my next high. I hurt everyone in my life. I hurt my children and family the most. I scammed others to get booze or drugs and spent all of my money.

When the holidays came around, I was either hung over or waiting for them to end so that I could get high or drunk again. I scammed others to get booze or drugs and spent all of my money.

I felt ashamed, helpless and useless. I've been called by loved ones and friends the most sad, miserable, lost and angry drunk they've ever seen.

One day after partying all night, I was pulled over by the Tribal police. I was facing jail time, but was given the option to enter drug court. When I entered drug court, I was nervous, wondering if my anxiety levels would be more than I could handle. I was amazed at how comfortable I felt going to drug court. The judge and drug court team showed such concern and affection. It was like my new family. The program was tough, but it helped me to grow, mature and become the woman that I am today.

When my mother passed away, the drug court team was loving and caring and supported me. When I graduated from drug court, I was so happy. I had grown so close to each and every one of the people on the drug court team. They helped me to see that I'm worth it and that life is full of blessings as long as I remain honest and open minded and to have the willingness in my life to take care of me.

I am now more than three years in recovery. I am working at a treatment program hoping to help other who faced the same challenges that I experienced. As long as I stay in Alcoholics Anonymous and stay in contact with my sponsor, I will have a sober future.


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