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  November 25, 2009            
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Kristina Sellers

I am my future.

I started using drugs when I was 15. I used to smoke marijuana on the way to school and after school. I was bored and looking for more to do. My family was more focused on sports and schooling, but I was more interested in hanging out with my friends.

I eventually got involved with an older man. I was introduced to crack cocaine which later became my focus. Within two years, I dropped out of college and was working menial jobs to get money for drugs. I didn't recognize myself. I wanted so badly to be independent. I already had my high school diploma, but just couldn't give up drugs. Crack Cocaine became my only focus and eventually took away everything I had. It lead me out on the streets and I felt like had no where to turn.

It was at this time that I went into a girls-only treatment program for ten months. This program helped me raise my self-esteem, get me back on track and think more positively. My counselors helped me to understand that there is a life outside of addiction, develop an exceptional relationship with my family and to realize how much potential I had. At the program, I was understood, treated with respect and I have grown up.

I am now employed full-time where I have received several promotions and also finished my first year and a half at college studying for a degree in criminal justice. I would eventually like to help other young people like me to move on with their lives.



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