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  September 26, 2009            
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I would like to be added to
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Claude Riddick

I am responsibility.

I am 55 years old. My father was an entertainer and my mother was an alcoholic. I was passed around to other family members with strict morals and concepts about life because my parents did not have time for me. I was very confused as I child. I experienced abandonment issues, loneliness, fear and identity concerns.

I began to use all forms of drugs at the age of 16. I had been successful in many areas of my life including school, work and extended education, but often failed at parenting and remaining positive in life endeavors.

I became a US Navy Veteran during the Vietnam era. Experiencing the military was a growing up event and even through that, I was lost as a person. I used drugs until drugs used me and all of my usefulness. I was dying in hope. The light in my candle dwindled to hopelessness!

I entered a treatment program for veterans and graduated successfully from the program. Today, I have changed my life to being honest and upright in thought and behavior. I have been clean and sober for over a year and a half. I continue to attend a 12-step program for my recovery.

I have a career in the field. I enjoy and am proud to work full-time for MetroNorth. My life shines in the fact that my family and loved ones are proud. I have something to live for; being responsible to self, family and society and for reaching back to help someone else who suffers and helping others avoid the pitfalls of active addiction.


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