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  September 26, 2009            
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Eric Moore, Sr.

I am laughter.

My name is Eric and I am 39 years old. I am grateful and humble to be in long-term recovery for 19 years. My gratitude and humility has to remain at the forefront because many people who shared the experiences I have with drug addiction have not been as fortunate to escape its decapitating and deadly grip.

As one of four children, I wanted to desperately to be like my brother, neatly dressed and popular, but despised tremendously his drug use. At the age of 13, my father was no longer with us. I quickly spiraled into a nightmare. The world my brother occupied that I vowed not to be a part of, was now residence for me as well.

My drug addiction progressed from marijuana to pills, to marijuana and cocaine, to crack/cocaine. I was frequently incarcerated, lost friends, ruined the trust in my family and became homeless.

None of these were enough to deter me from the insanity of getting high. I was addicted. As a condition of my release from jail, I was admitted into a treatment program.

After successfully completing treatment, I became a Case Manager at the same treatment facility that helped me to stop using drugs for the past 17 years. During this time, I received several promotions ranging from Case Manager to Program Director. I graduated from the NeATTC Leadership Institute, obtained a CASAC and a BA in Psychology. I also received the Julio Martinez Scholarship award and graduated with honors from the Hunter College of Social Work (MSW).

Despite the many accomplishments that I've achieved over the years, I realize that the two most important things I have gained in recovery are that I am a now a responsible father of four children and that I am now equipped to serve others in need of help.

As for my brother, he never heard the message of recovery and succumbed to this deadly disease by overdose while incarcerated. It is through his death that I strive for others to live!


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